«When one loves the soul, nothing else matters»: The love story of these unique spouses left the whole world speechless

The incredible story of this couple will make absolutely everyone believe in true love

Most of the time when we read romances and watch romantic movies about those «perfect» couples and endless love, we often find ourselves thinking that in real life such things simply don’t exist.

Today’s incredible story tells about one ordinary couple who, after experiencing a terrible tragedy and the darkest time of their lives, proved to the world that unconditional love existed. In 2011, this girl named Turia participated in a race as a model.

Suddenly, the fire broke out and many, including her, were trapped there. Having 65 percent of her body burnt, she could miraculously survive.

Besides the burns, she lost most of her fingers and asked herself how she could normally live anymore with such a body. Later she encouraged millions not to be ashamed of their unusual bodies and be thankful for living in this world.

At the time of rehabilitation, a friend of her was always by her side, supporting and took good care of her.

They soon felt that there were mutual feelings between them and soon started dating. Before long, the couple got married and soon had a child.

To her husband, her body is the most beautiful and attractive. This is what true love looks like!

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