«Wednesday behind the scenes!»: Posing on sofa armrests, Ortega drew everyone’s attention with her seductive look

Wednesday Addams shared behind-the-scene photos of her posing in an indecent way

The role of Wednesday Addams brought young actress J. Ortega incredible success, career heights and overall fame. She gained universal popularity and millions of fans after the release of the series.

Being only 20, she already has 41 million followers on Instagram. Her recent behind-the-scene photos where she appears to take, to some extent, an indecent pose immediately went viral. The photos were from the filming of Saturday Night Live.

She was in an attractive black mini-dress with transparent mesh and tights. Her high heels and stylish hairdo weren’t unnoticed as well.

To everyone’s great surprise, she was posing in an indecent way and far not everyone really liked that.

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