«To the boy who fills my soul!»: This is what actress Paltrow’s 17-year-old heir looks like now

Paltrow shared an exclusive photo of her teenage son touchingly congratulating him 🤗🥰

The exclusive photo of prominent and celebrated actress G. Paltrow’s teenage son came as a big surprise.

It is worth mentioning that recently he has turned 17 and so as to congratulate her heir publicly, the movie star shared his rare photo addressing a deeply touching message.

«Happy 17th birthday to the boy who fills my soul. You are the most extraordinary, kindest, most loving person. You make us laugh with your perfect paradise and inspire us with your harmonies».

It is worth mentioning that the star has a daughter (Apple Blythe) as well in the marriage to Ch. Martin. And, what is more, after the birth of her son she suffered from postpartum depression.

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