«Time machine back to the 1960s»: The love story of Bardot and her third husband will surprise you

Exclusive photos and details about Bardot and Sachs as a couple you weren’t aware of

The former couple of one of the hottest women and one of the richest men hit the entire world in the 1960s. People held the opinion that these two were destined for each other and both were among the world-class and successful stars.

The couple first met in 1966 and both fell madly in love with each other at first sight. The man wanted to marry her since the first day. During one romantic dinner thousands of roses dropped from the helicopter and he captured her heart forever.

Soon, the couple married in Las Vegas as most of the world-class stars of our time. It was her third marriage, and Sachs’s second one. Yet, soon, there were some serious problems in their relationship. They cheated on each other and were well aware of.

A year after their marriage Brigitte gave her heart to S. Gainsbour. This, however, didn’t come as a big surprise for her husband since they both knew there was no love and passion between them anymore.

Since it wasn’t their first divorce, they didn’t cause scandals and fuss. The former loving couple divorced in peace and said their last goodbyes as friends.

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