«This is some kind of madness!»: The new photos of the grown-up heirs of Spears became the subject of discussions

Spears posted joint photos of her grown-up sons and complained how fast time flies

It goes without saying that B. Spears, as an outstanding and successful performer, has always been in the spotlight of paparazzi and journalists and the subject of heated discussions. Whereas currently, the public’s attention is drawn to her grown-up sons.

She added. «How quickly time flies, this is some kind of madness. My boys are so big now! I know it’s very hard for any mom to see them grow up so fast! I am very lucky because my two children are such gentle and kind».

As she claims, the main reason why she refused to post anything concerning her sons was that the boys were strongly against it. They don’t like the popularity of their mother and hate being the center of attention.

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