«They age like the finest wine!»: Here are iconic actors and actresses who have gained even more charm over time

Believe it or not, these legendary movie stars from our childhood are already in 60s

It is amazing how quickly times flies before our eyes. However surprising it might seem, most of the iconic and legendary film stars from our childhood have already turned 60.  Regardless of their age, they still are among the most successful ones.

Here is the list of the incredibly talented and world-renowned actors and actresses who built a drizzling acting career in their youth and now enjoy the respect and endless love from millions across the world.

J. Carry

M. Broderick

A. Vosloo

T. Cruise

W. Snipes

M. Yeoh

S. Carell

B. Odenkirk

D. Moore

J. Foster

R. Fiennes

D. Fincher

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