«There is nothing more powerful than genetics!»: Here are celebrities whose heirs look like the exact copies of their parents

The resemblance between these stars and their children will leave you speechless

According to a popular saying, other’s children grow up incredibly fast and when seeing them mature and grown-up, we get confused as it seems as if they were kids just yesterday. It is needless to say that there is nothing more powerful than genes.

Something, the resemblance between the older and the younger generations may blow our mind making it even hard to differentiate them. As it is said «Like tree, like fruit». We have selected stars whose heirs look incredibly like their parents.

Tom Hands and his son

L. Rose and V. Paradis

K. Gerber and C. Crawford

M. Gummer and M. Streep

The Skarsgard family


The Marley family

Pine and his handsome offspring

B. Danner and G. Paltrow

The Eastwood family

G. May Jagger and M. Jagger

K. Hudson and G. Hawn

L. Bonet and Z. Kravitz

The Smith family

J. and S. Lennon

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