«The reunion of an iconic couple»: The exclusive photos showing Aniston with her ex-husband became the subject of discussion

Rachel from «Friends» has recently been caught cuddling with her ex-husband 😳🧐

The latest paparazzi photos showing the star of the popular TV series with her ex-husband J. Theroux while having dinner together quickly became the subject of heated discussions.

The ex-couple was caught at one of the restaurants in New York. According to reliable sources, these two arrived later and separately from the company.

Surprisingly, they were cuddling with each other too and after leaving the restaurant Aniston was caught with one beautiful rose which was probably given by the man.

The paparazzi photos immediately went viral and many started to think that the ex-couple reunited. The stunning movie star looked happier than ever.

It is relevant to add that it was in 2011 that they started dating and announced their engagement 1 year later. The fans still hope that they will again be together one day.

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