«The Popstar is in a Barbie mood!»: The recent provocative video Spears posted became the subject of discussions

All eyes are on the spicy image of dancing Spears in a pink mini dress

No one would deny that B. Spears, one of the iconic, successful and outstanding pop stars of our time, has proved multiple times that she is simply obsessed with the pink color.

She has recently posted an interesting video where she was joyfully dancing in a pink mini-dress, white boots and a necklace. It is worth mentioning that the fans noticed the portrait of the late Princess hanging on the wall whom the pop star really loves.

She was enthusiastically dancing to the song called «Girls Just Wanna Have Fun» and left the followers speechless with her brightness and, to some extent, strange behavior.

The Popstar showed her respect for the late Princess claiming that she will always remain one of the most legendary women of our time.

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