«The oldest model in history»: The world’s oldest acting model Dell’Orefice returned after 15 years and left everyone speechless

Here is Dell’Orefice, the oldest working model in the Guinness Book of Records

Today, we will show you the oldest acting and working model registered in history who managed to conquer the modeling industry with her incredible beauty, spectacular gait and gracefulness.

Believe it or not, Dell’Orefice is already 91 and, surely, has changed a great deal since the prime of her drizzling career.

Carmen is even listed in the Guinness Book and still greatly impresses the entire world with her timeless beauty.

Recently, after about 15 years, she made a spectacular appearance and let no single one remain indifferent.

It is worth mentioning that she has written a book sharing her secrets to staying young without losing charm and charisma. Regardless of her age, she now has over 10 major contracts with fashion houses and delights all fashion enthusiasts.

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