«The Leon star then and now!»: This is what legendary film star Reno and his wife look like years later

The star of «Leon» surprised the fans by showing his wife who is 24 years younger

One of the cinema legends of France hasn’t appeared in public for a long time and has led a secluded way of life making his fans miss their favorite actor. However, he is still active which concerns his drizzling acting career.

However surprising it mvight seem, the prominent and successful movie star is already 74 and he has recently made a splash appearing with his beloved wife. Bork is 24 years younger than him, whereas the couple managed to create a strong relationship.

Neither his fans nor the haters could remain silent. The admirers claimed that despite their big age difference they looked harmonious and compatible. While the ill-wishers pointed out his aged and exhausted appearance.

«My most favorite actor ever», «He looks like an elderly man with his granddaughter», «The big age gap didn’t prevent them from family happiness», «One of the strongest families of today!».

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