«The French beauty icon in the 1960s and now»: This is how actress and model Bardot has changed

The life story and facts about one of the past beauty icons Bardot who is now 88

Regardless of her senior age, this talented, one of the most charming and outstanding actresses, singers and models hasn’t lost her charm, charisma and still looks gorgeous.

In her early years, she didn’t consider herself beautiful and attractive. However, ballet helped her gain self-confidence. Soon, she took part in a photo shoot, achieved big success and became a world-renowned model.

In the 50-60s, she attracted all the photographers’ attention with her unearthly beauty, attractiveness and femininity. In 1953, she was among the attendees of the Cannes Film Festival.

She has had her great debut brilliantly playing in about 50 films. What concerns her personal life, she has been married several times and has a son.

Soon after her retirement, she claimed that she was already tired of being in the spotlight of paparazzi and journalists.

It should be mentioned that in 1986 she opened a charity foundation and started to sell her jewelry for the sake of poor and defenseless animals.

Her fans still admire their idol and appreciate the fact that she didn’t run for an ideal appearance and let herself age in a natural way.

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