«The face of Dior owes her beauty to surgeons»: One of the highest-paid models changed beyond recognition after surgeries

The fans hardly recognized their idol Hadid after the interventions of plastic surgery

There is a widespread stereotype claiming that when a woman or a girl wants some radical changes concerning her appearance, her first target becomes her hair. Yet, this is not entirely true for B. Hadid, one of the most successful models of our time.

Regardless of her young age, the supermodel has already undergone over ten plastic surgeries and, seemingly, isn’t going to stop yet.

Can you simply believe that this is the top face of Bulgary and Dior in front of you who owes her beauty to surgeons and beauticians?

The netizens were divided into two big groups again: those who rushed to openly support and stand up for their idol, and those who were quick to judge and criticize her.

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