The «Buffy the Vampire Slayer» then and now: This is what actress Gellar at 45 looks today

No one could take their eyes off 45-year-old Geller in a pink Barbie swimsuit

You all, perhaps, know this world-renowned and successful 45-year-old American actress who gained overall recognition after her role of the powerful vampire slayer in the popular 1990s’ series. Even now, she is best remembered for this great role.

She is often regarded the pinnacle of Gellar’s career as while she continued her career taking part in a few movies, her popularity and fame seemed to gradually fade away.

Currently, she leads her own cooking show and often spectacularly appears at various events delighting the fans with her timeless beauty and femininity.

She is going to produce and take part in her own detective film «Wolf Pack» which is set to be released this year.

It is worth mentioning that her husband, actor F. Prinz and her have been happily married for already two decades and they have two adorable kids. The star’s recent vacation shots from Hawaii in a rosy swimsuit delighted absolutely everyone.

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