Ronaldo’s lover told about their first meeting, feelings and emotions

It turned out to be a fatal meeting

29 years old model Georgina is the chosen one of 38 years old famous football player Ronaldo. They are together since 2016. It was the time of Ronaldo’s popularity, but as for the girl, she was known only by frequent customers of the Gucci store, where she worked as a model.

That day became fatal for both of them. When Ronaldo came into the shop to buy clothes, he saw Georgina, who was working there at that time.

The model was ashamed even to look at him, because he immediately won the girl’s heart. Ronaldo was also confused, and he decided to wait for the model outside the store for a conversation.

Then they had dinner together and at that time the girl looked into his eyes for the first time and immediately fell in love with him.

She was extremely happy to be his chosen one and couldn’t hide her nice smile.

That became the beginning of their love story. Their relationship is already six years old, and they love and respect each other very much.

Although their family has gone through many difficulties recently, they continue to experience many unforgettable moments together.

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