Rachel from «Friends» in transparent mini: The bold appearance of Aniston on the Red Carpet escaped no one’s attention

That night all the eyes were on Rachel from «Friends» in a transparent mini dress

One of the attendees of the premiere of the new film became Hollywood actress J. Aniston, best-remembered as Rachel from «Friends». She was accompanied by A. Sandler. The iconic film star drew absolutely everyone’s attention there.

Many were wondering how she retained her attractive body and unearthly beauty over years and still outshines everyone around being 54.

Her rather bold transparent dress perfectly emphasized her stunning figure giving her even more charm. The celebrity looked gorgeous and her mini dress wasn’t unnoticed by anyone.

Everyone was taken aback by her timeless beauty and attractiveness having no idea that she owes her stunning appearance to regular physical activities and a healthy diet.

Her slim waist, slender legs and glowing skin drove everyone crazy that night. One may say that her appearance is a cherished dream for every other young girl.

Did you like the Hollywood actress’s spectacular look at the premiere?

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