«Passionate kisses on the lips on the Red Carpet!»: The public attention was drawn to the film star and his chosen one

Reeves kisses his beloved on the lips before millions and leaves everyone speechless

One of the most outstanding, successful and prominent actors of our time doesn’t even try to hide his endless love for his chosen one. Even in public, they often show affection towards each other.

Being among the attendees at the Art Gala held in Los Angeles, Reeves passionately kissed A. Grant and literally left everyone there speechless.

The uniquely beautiful woman was in a red floral print dress which perfectly emphasized her thin waist and femininity.

It should be mentioned that they officially announced their relationship in January 2019. Their fans were delighted to see their favorite couple hold each other’s hands and their warm kisses made them happy.

A long time after being alone, he finally met the woman that suits him the best and is not only the partner, but also the best friends to him.

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