«Passionate kisses in front of millions»: Lopez and Affleck drew absolutely everyone’s attention to the Red Carpet

The passion that Lopez and her husband showed on the Red Carpet was a big surprise

There are rumors and hearsay about the romance between J. Lopez and her husband B. Affleck. The legendary spouses proved to the entire world that their love survived everything. However, the indifferent facial expression of Affleck has become a meme.

Perhaps that is why the couple has recently shown true passion and affection by kissing each other in front of millions. While on the Red Carpet, the iconic spouses drew absolutely everyone’s extra close attention.

They became the attendees of the opening of the movie «Air» in which the man took part. The stunning appearance of his wife deserved special attention too. She chose a glossy top and a yellow skirt. What concerns the man, he was in a dark blue suit.

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