Pamela Anderson appeared in front of the audience with bare legs, which, according to her fans, are no longer pretty  

What an impressive look!

Pamela Anderson was a famous actress and model in the 1990s.

Although she had less beautiful facial features than other models, she earned the title of the top model of the 1990s due to her beautiful figure and attractiveness.

People of that time were stunned by her attractive body. The model has had many cosmetic surgeries, especially she has been focused on her bust.

Her first surgery was taken in 1994 and since then she started to improve her appearance with the help of surgeons.

The actress is already 55 years old and chooses rather modest dresses according to her age. But this time she made an exception and decided to show off her legs in front of the audience, which became a topic of discussion.

She appeared with an impressive look. Even many netizens started mocking her look, saying that she used a Christmas tree to complete her outfit.

What do you think about her appearance?

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