«No one expected to see this!»: The recent appearance of Gomez in the streets of Los Angeles raised questions

The fans hardly recognized beautiful Selena Gomez in the recent paparazzi photos

Here is one of the kindest, most talented and most charming Hollywood stars who achieved incredible success in both acting and singing. She lets no one remain indifferent to her uniqueness and rare beauty. Yet, her recent appearance caused a stir.

The outstanding performer was spotted in the streets of Los Angeles by the paparazzi. Many refused to believe that this unkempt plump woman is actually her. Some rushed to conclude that she let herself go and stopped paying attention to her appearance.

«I strongly refuse to believe this is actually her», «What is wrong with her?», «How much she has changed recently!», «I didn’t expect to see this», «You are my idol since childhood».

What do you think of the popular singer’s appearance now?

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