«No one expected this!»: Here are scandalous paparazzi photos showing Shayk and the Hollywood actor together at a party

Shayk and DiCaprio were spotted together on the dance floor at a party by paparazzi

It was at the annual music festival that the legendary star from «Titanic» and one of the top models of our time I. Shayk met each other.

The scandalous photos quickly hit the Internet. While standing next to each other on the dance floor, DiCaprio was caught fixing the earrings of the successful model.

Some find that such a union would definitely be a success, while some are sure that there is nothing, but friendship between them.

However, it is worth mentioning that it was far not the first time they were spotted together. This time, the woman was in high spirits and even delighted her fans with a provocative photo shoot on the day of their hangout.

The photos were shared by B. Cooper who is the father of her daughter and is a close friend of the Hollywood actor.

Can you see the model and the actor as a couple?

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