«Mr. Big in sweaty clothes and with beer belly»: The new paparazzi photos show Noth who has changed beyond recognition

The fans hardly recognized actor Chris Noth in recent paparazzi photos

Everyone would know this prominent and successful Hollywood actor Ch. Noth who has disappeared from the public for a relatively long time. The reason for which is believed to be his already bad reputation and accuses of women who he beat.

Though he strongly denied these rumors and hearsay, the fact that he stopped appearing at events and shows is indisputable.

He brilliantly played in «Sex and the City» who was Carrie Bradshaw’s primary character.

After the release of the series, he stopped being spotted by the paparazzi. However, they have recently been lucky enough to catch the movie star who has considerably aged and gained excess weight.

Today, at the age of 68, he is still at the center of public’s attention. Meanwhile, people don’t deny the fact that he let himself go and stopped taking care of himself.

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