«Monroe of our generation»: Kardashian lost half of her weight and fascinated everyone with her stunning appearance

All eyes were on Kardashian who showed her body in a see-through sparkling dress

This time, Kim Kardashian did no exception and again surprised absolutely everyone around with her attractiveness and simply perfect body shape. It is worth mentioning that she has lost half of her weight and now delights the fans even more.

«The perfection itself», «Monroe of our generation», «How has nature created such indescribable beauty?», «She looks like a million dollars», «A role model for all women», «She looks ideal to me».

«How can one look so stunning?», «The best out of the best!», «She is flawless. No question!», «I can see nothing special».

«She definitely looks her best», «In one word – gorgeous!», «Attention! The idol is here».

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