«Major heartthrobs then and now»: This is what the most handsome show businessmen look like today

Once considered heartthrobs, this is how these legendary men have changed over time

Here are presented the recent photos of those incredibly talented, successful and legendary men from the show business industry who were once regarded the hottest and most desirable stars towards whom no girl or woman could remain indifferent.

Some of them even appeared on the cover of magazines and their appearance and charisma were the subject of heated discussions. However sad it may seem, much time passed since then and now some of them even look unrecognizable.

Comparing their photos now and then, opinions may differ. Some may think that time has been merciless, yet to the rest they may look as attractive as before.

N. Nolte

T. Hiddleston

D. Washington

P. Dempsey

D. Boneta

H. Ford

R. Pattison

T. Cruise

M. Gibson

J. Claude Van Damme

H. Hamlin

J. Denton

O. De La Hoya

D. Dae Kim

K. Reeves

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