Machete from «Spy Kids» in youth: This is what actor Trejo looked like still as a child and teenager

Here are rare archive photos of Machete from «Spy Kids» as a child and teenager

D. Trejo is one of those movie stars who captivated a large number of viewers not only with his incredible talent and acting skills, but also his extraordinary and uncommon appearance.

Today, we will show you what the renowned American actor looked like in youth. Let’s find out whether he always looked unique or not!

Currently, he is already 74 and his age is showing itself on his wrinkled and exhausted face.

It is worth mentioning that he started his successful acting career at quite a mature age.

Here are exclusive photos showing what he, actually, looked like in youth and early childhood.

One may say that he has always looked a little more mature than he actually has been.

Are you a fan of this actor? Have you watched «Spy Kids»?

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