«Like good wine, she gets only better!»: The perfect parameters and ageless beauty of Porizkova deserve special attention

The timeless beauty of this 58-year-old model with a perfect body delights everyone

The drizzling modeling career of P. Porizkova lasted from 1980s and 1990s when she achieved great success and incredible heights being deservedly regarded one of the world’s hottest and desirable women.

She has brilliantly performed on catwalks and appeared on the cover of magazines many times. Her angelic beauty and charm made absolutely everyone fall crazy in love with her.

Whereas shortly after finding the love of her life, she gave up on her career and dedicated herself to the family life and parenting.

Now that she is already 58, Porizkova often gets criticized for being a «non-standard» granny who can proudly show her toned body in a bikini instead of knitting scarfs and baking pasta.

Many claim that she does everything possible to avoid ageing, of course, with the help of proper nutrition and physical activities.

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