«Indescribable feelings!»: This is how a deaf baby reacted to hearing her elder sister with the help of a hearing aid

An infant’s priceless reaction to hearing her sibling’s voice for the first time: Video

The story of this family will hardly let anyone remain indifferent. Can you simply imagine the emotions of this young mother when she learnt that her infant lost her hearing? The whole thing is that due to a stomach disease she had to take antibiotics.

Their use negatively affected the infant’s hearing and she ended up completely deaf.

That is why her family decided to buy a hearing aid for her so that she could perceive the environment and react to sounds. The first emotions the baby experienced were filmed by the mother who shared the touching video with others.

It is needless to say that after watching the footage no one could hold back their tears. The reaction of the girlie was simply priceless.

The older one kept exclaiming «Younger sister» and the baby couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

«This has just broken my heart!», «May God be with our family!», «Indescribable feelings».


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