«In ultra mini and fluffy cowboy boots»: The outrageous appearance of Stefani at the Music Awards came as a big surprise

Stefani’s bold look in a miniskirt and fishnet tights drew everyone’s attention

The rather bold and scandalous appearance of singer and songwriter G. Stefani let no single one remain indifferent at the 57th CMT Music Awards.

The whole thing is that she made an appearance at the Awards for her husband B. Shelton’s sake to openly support him who well-deservedly became a nine-time winner of the CMT Award.

Her outrageous look in a white shirt, a masculine bow tie, a black blazer and a sparkling miniskirt immediately drew everyone’s attention. The performer complemented her image with fishnet tights and fluffy cowboy boots.

Stefani’s outfit was from Valentino and it perfectly emphasized the long and slender legs of the performer. She pulled her hair into a high bun and the main emphasis of her bright makeup became her scarlet lips.

What concerns her talented husband’s outfit, he was in blue jeans, a gray shirt, a black jacket and a bow tie.

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