«In one word – STUNNING!»: The rare appearance of Rihanna with her son and husband has actively been discussed

All eyes are on Rihanna in a stylish outfit at a restaurant with her son and husband

The rare appearance of iconic, successful and charming performer Rihanna with her 10-month-old son and husband quickly became the subject of discussions.

The beautiful family visited one of their most favorite restaurants in California and were spotted near the establishment by freelance photographers.

Her fashionable and interesting outfit in a black&white dress, jewelry and stiletto sandals drew everyone’s attention. Surprisingly, this time she didn’t try to emphasize her pregnant belly. Instead, she put on a loose dress which hid her belly.

The little cutie in her arms looked very adorable and was smiling happily. It is worth mentioning that the public is still unaware of his name.

It should be mentioned that it was in February 2023, that the legendary show business star announced her second pregnancy.

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