«Impossible not to fall in love with these cuties!»: The rare photos of Iglesias’s adorable children let no one remain indifferent

After these photos of Iglesias’s adorable kids, you all will fall in love with them

Although this popular and successful Spanish performer doesn’t actively lead social networking pages, his chosen one A. Kournikova doesn’t miss a single chance to delight the network with heartwarming photos of their adorable kids.

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful spouses are parents of three cute children. In 2017, they had twins Lucy and Nicholas. They are now almost 6 and don’t let any single person remain indifferent towards their angelic beauty.

Although the girls inherited their charming mother’s blond hair and other features, in the boy’s genes dominate those of his father.

What concerns Mary, their youngest heiress, she was born in 2020 and is already the exact copy of her mommy.

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