«If Barbie existed in real life!»: After the incredible transformation, this ordinary girl acquired a doll-like appearance

Here are photos of living Barbie who will surprise you with her unique appearance

Meet Valeria who has always adored Barbie doll and had a cherished dream to possess the same appearance. The way she looks like Barbie will definitely not let any of you remain indifferent. However, initially, she looked totally different.

Valeria decided on plastic surgeries to look like Barbie so much as possible. Her facial features have radical changes and she has undergone operations changing her body shape as well to completely meet the standards of «Barbie».

Daily wearing heavy makeup and periodically turning to surgeons, she didn’t take her health into consideration. Becoming a guest on many shows, the entire world got acquainted with her.

However, as time passed she got extremely sick and tired of her childhood dream and now Valeria looks like this.

She now gives her preference to «natural» makeup and, according to many, looks even prettier than before.

Her appearance is not the same anymore, yet she still appears to be attractive.

She has no regrets. What do you think?

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