«I really want all this to stop!»: This is how Gomez reacted to Hailey’s message that she was seriously threatened

Hailey reached out to Selena and admitted that she received threats and criticism

Recently, the popular, talented and probably everyone’s favorite S. Gomez has opened up about the conflict with H. Bieber. She shared with her followers that the model was receiving serious threats and harsh negativity.

Selena claimed that she has always been for justice and kindness and didn’t expect that her followers would bully and intensively criticize Hailey.

It has been believed that these two have been in conflict for many years. Meanwhile, the girls proved the opposite when they became guests at the same event and shared heartwarming joint photos.

Whereas soon the network was hit by other scandals. People believed that in one video, Kendall Jenner and J. Joy were making fun of poor Selena.

In her turn, Hailey insisted that there was nothing of the sort and that all this was simply rumors, nothing more.

Moreover, many were more than sure that it was Kylie who made fun of her sharing a video where she showed her eyebrows captioning it «Was it too much?».

After this incident, a number of people unfollowed Kylie and, what concerns Hailey, she lost about 1 million followers.

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