«His father’s genes did their job!»: The recent photos of the son of the «Pirates of the Caribbean» star delighted everyone

You will be surprised when you see what a handsome man Depp’s son has become

Everyone is probably familiar with the adorable children of the star of the «Pirates of the Caribbean». It is quite possible to come across hundreds of photos of his daughter who is already 23.

However, when we compare J. Depp’s daughter and son, it stands to reason that Jack, his young heir, is less popular, leads a private way of life and his photos are really scarce.

Have a look at the handsome guy who is almost 20 and lets no single girl pass by without falling in love with him!

It goes without saying that he has an incredible resemblance to his legendary dad. Many were quick to call him the exact copy of Depp and that they are «two peas in a pod».

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