«Her father’s genes did their job!»: The rare appearance of Tyson’s eldest daughter became the subject of discussions 

The fans were taken aback by the new photos of Tyson’s overweight daughter

Believe it or not, professional and enormously successful boxer M. Tyson has already celebrated his 56th birthday. It is worth mentioning that the great man is a father of eight children.

In 1990, his eldest daughter was born and the caring and devoted father did everything possible so as to provide her with carefree childhood years and absolutely everything needed.

The condition of the girl started to worsen since the age of 14 when she quickly gained weight which soon caused a number of serious problems.

The family did everything to encourage and motivate her to lose weight and become the better version of herself, yet the girl was too lazy for that and, as a result, she gained even more. Especially Tyson’s fans couldn’t remain indifferent.

Currently, she weighs 135 kg and seems not to have any insecurities about her overweight.


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