Gregorio from «Spy Kids» is hard to recognize: The way world-renowned actor Banderas has changed deserves special attention

The fans hardly recognized Gregorio from «Spy Kids» who has noticeably aged

There is, perhaps, no one who doesn’t know this celebrated, prominent and successful movie star who has brilliantly played in such great films as «Spy Kids», «The Leading Role» and «The Mask of Zorro».

However surprising it might seem, the legendary actor is already 61 and has changed a great deal in the eyes of his fans.

The recent photos of Banderas literally hit the network. The paparazzi were lucky to catch the cult man and spread the shots all over the Internet.

It has lately become known that he is currently working on a new project, a new series which will be released very soon. Many didn’t miss the chance and commented on his appearance which has changed beyond recognition over years.

Are you a fan of this Spanish actor and director?

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