«Forever in our fond memories as the Legend of cinema»: These are the last photos of the «Queen of Hollywood» Taylor

Here is exclusive footage of the legend of cinema Elizabeth Taylor in her old age

The life of E. Taylor, the «Queen of Hollywood», was quite interesting and full of dramas: long-term depression, oncology, overall recognition and numerous marriages. She lived 79 years and here are her last photos.

However surprising it might seem, the American legend had eight marriages, but had 7 husbands since she married theater and movie star R. Burton twice according to StarHit. What concerns her offspring, she had three children and adopted a baby girl.

Being terribly ill and exhausted in her 70s, the celerity attempted to hide her inner state with many layers of cosmetics. Regardless of her age and being confined to a wheelchair, Taylor still loved adorning herself with jewelry and shining with glory.

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