«Curly Sue in the 1990s and now!»: The way Porter has changed since the release of the film came as a big surprise

This is what a beauty little film star Alison Porter known as Sue has become

Here is one of the most popular and favorite films of 1991 which was truly a success and became popular across the world.

Many have been wondering what the little leading actress from the movie looks like now and how she has changed since the previous century.

It is worth mentioning that she was taken to various castings since the age of three and even took part in commercials. What is more, she deservedly became the winner of «Looking for Talent» show when she was 4. Believe it or not, she is already 40.

She is now happily married and has two kids. She keeps the balance between her career and motherhood which is great. Many still can see the familiar features.

«I love this woman!», «Nothing has really changed since then!», «I can admire her forever!».

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