Christina Aguilera’s fans are surprised by her recent photos: she has transformed beyond recognition  

She looks quite different from before

41 years old Christina Aguilera has become one of the most discussed topics on social media because of her big transformation. The singer has gained a lot of weight and now looks completely different.

Many of her fans even expressed their concerns about such a noticeable transformation, even mentioning that she may have any health problems.

The singer has always been thin, but now it seems that she does not pay attention to her figure.

Her audience is advising her to focus her attention on her body and keep a strong diet. She needs to train a lot and eat only healthy food.

It will be good both for her health and career.

Also, many people don’t approve of the way a celebrity is dressed. They claim that it is not pleasant and advise her to choose a modest outfit.

What do you think of her transformation? Do you think her outfit is normal?

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