«Charisma, not perfect appearance!»: These overall-known actors prove that one doesn’t need to look perfect to be loved

Here is the proof that charisma, not perfect looks, makes men attractive and desirable 🥹🥰

It is time we admit that we love and watch films and TV shows not only as a pastime activity, but also for film stars’ attractive appearance, their incredible talent and brilliant skills. Many think there are special standards that all should meet.

However, it is worth mentioning that not only perfect looks, but also charisma is vitally important and in demand now. At first sight, these world-renowned stars can’t really be called handsome, but they are especially popular with women.

J. Reno

V. Cassel

G. Depardieu

Jean-Paul Belmondo

B. Cumberbatch

A Celentano

E. Redmayne

S. Buscemi

W. Dafoe

C. Murphy

A Brody

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