«Celebrates her 90th in a month, still looks fantastic!»: What legendary actress Collins looks like at 89 deserves special attention

The fans were delighted with the appearance of the iconic star of «Dynasty» at 89

The star from such great pictures as «Dynasty», «Tale from the Crypt» and «American Horror Story» has shown what she looks like now drawing everyone’s attention. Many say that she doesn’t know how to age and will always look fantastic.

Her fifth husband Peruvian actor P. Gibson has recently shared a new photo of her on Instagram captioning it «I am looking for a wisteria that grows only in spring».

This is how the network users reacted «A month away from 90 she still looks fantastic», «She says NO to aging», «Forever my icon!», «What if she removed her wig and makeup?».

Of course, most of her fans were in delight and claimed that it was simply a cherished dream to look like this at such an old age. Her confidence and femininity are things that many young girls seek.

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