Bradley Cooper’s latest photos with his daughter once again showed his excellent parenting skills

His love for his daughter is admirable

Recently, a photo was shared on social media, where Bradley Cooper was having a nice walk with his daughter in the streets of New York.

Fans noticed Lea’s strong resemblance to her father.

It’s noticeable how much Bradley is devoted to his daughter and how strongly they are connected to each other.

People notice how caring and attentive Bradley is towards his daughter and organises his affairs so that he can spend much time with his child.

He is an excellent father and it’s seen in their warm photos.

Even fans are predicting positive changes between Cooper and Irina Shayk, thinking that they will restore their relationship for the sake of their beautiful daughter.

Despite their marital status, Cooper takes excellent care of his child and gives him fatherly love and support.

As for the girl’s appearance, she is resembling to her father day by day.

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