«An intelligent man with a big heart»: These are photos of Pitt’s brother that have become the subject of heated discussions

This is what Pitt’s younger brother looks like who remains in the shadow of Brad

Only a few know that this talented, charismatic and prominent Hollywood actor has a brother named Douglas who lives a private way of life and refrains from publicity and being in the spotlight.

Talking about Pitt, it should be mentioned that he is one of the best-known, most successful and world-renowned film stars whose life is always in the spotlight. Millions of girls fell madly in love with him having no idea that he had a brother.

Here is Douglas who, unlike his popular sibling, took a great interest in technical sciences and set up his own business related to information technology. Already at the age of 24, he became a master in computer technology.

Apart from this, he has always been actively engaged in charity and is now a Goodwill Ambassador. He generously donates great sums of money to schools, universities and medical centers.

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