«Aging is not a threat for this beauty!»: 65-year-old Stone pleasantly surprised everyone with her «biker’s» image

Despite her age, Stone knows how to please everyone with her stunning appearance

For many, Stone is associated with ageless beauty and unfading youth since, regardless of her age, she still pleasantly surprises the entire world with her attractiveness and liveliness.

Even without wearing too revealing dresses, mini skirts and deep cleavage, the outstanding actress knows well how to appear to perfectly emphasize her femininity and how to pose attractively for curious photographers.

However, one can never say that the legendary movie star doesn’t follow fashion trends. Even during her casual walks, Stone looks amazing and much younger than she actually is. Even in cozy cardigans and sweaters, she chooses bright accessories.

Her latest appearance was in tight-fitted leather pants, a long sleeve and classic black boots with the effect of «a biker».

Her sunglasses and matching black purse completed her interesting image that perfectly emphasized her stunning figure and slender legs.

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