«A plus-size model shows off her half-naked body»: This non-standard model from the US breaks the stereotypes of beauty

After the photos of this plus-size girl, your understanding of beauty will change

Here is 32-year-old model Tabria Majors from the US who breaks all the standards of beauty and attractiveness accepted by society nowadays. There is no denying that it is hard to resist and not fall in love with this non-standard beauty.

One may say that her excess weight gives her, even more, charm and femininity. Having no complexes and insecurities, she doesn’t think twice before showing off her curvaceous figure proving that everyone is beautiful the way he or she is.

It is worth mentioning that just over 2 million people follow her. What is more, Tabria has passed more than 100 fashion shows and here are her latest vacation shots.

«We highly appreciate your honesty», «I haven’t seen such rare beauty before», «What a hottie in front of us»,  «I can’t even imagine how much she weighs!».

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