«A phenomenon once-in-a-blue-moon»: The incredible life story of these Siamese sisters born with joint heads touched everyone

These Siamese sisters born with joint heads were separated: Here they are now

Despite all the hardship, difficulties and obstacles, these absolutely unique and adorable twin sisters have proved to the entire world that everything is possible to a winning heart. At such a young age, they have experienced extremely hard times.

Unfortunately, Erin and Abby were born with joint heads. Initially, the situation looked worse since the medical staff held the opinion that they had one brain in case of which the separation would nearly be impossible. Luckily, everything went well.

Given the fact that their brain was still underdeveloped probably because of their problem, the doctors insisted on the operation considering possible risks. Being 11 months old, they became the smallest separated twins in history.

Thanks to the dedicated doctors’ effort, the unique sisters were given a second chance to live. After the serious operation, the baby girls had to be under the supervision of doctors for a long time for a complete recovery.

Fortunately, nothing threatens their lives and they are currently absolutely healthy.

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