«A Man Called Otto» star and his offspring: This is how the four heirs of Tom Hanks have changed over time

Few have seen how the four heirs of Hollywood actor Hanks live and look today

Among the most successful, highly praised and prominent Hollywood actors are, surely, T. Hanks who is well-known for his charisma and has never had a star fever. Many consider him not only a brilliant film star, but also a dedicated father.

It should be mentioned that the great man of cinema has been married twice and has had four children. This is what the offspring of the actor looks like today!

Here is Colin who is the eldest heir of Hanks and who decided to follow in his dad’s career footsteps. He usually stars in secondary, not leading film roles, is happily married and has two girls.

What concerns Elizabeth Ann, the only daughter of the Hollywood star, she has chosen not to be in the spotlight and leads a private way of life unlike her brother. She is a talented writer and editor and some of her works were even published.

This is Chester Marlon who was born to the second wife of the movie star R. Wilson. He has been in acting since his teenage years and is famous for his disobedience to the law.

And, ultimately, the youngest heir, Truman Theodore. The 25-year-old guy hasn’t decided what profession to choose yet.

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