«A horror movie protagonist!»: The way pop singer Madonna looks like in her recent photos will leave you speechless

The followers hardly recognized the Queen of Pop Madonna in her recent photos

In today’s reality, turning to the service of plastic surgery has become something ordinary and quite expected. Nowadays, it is rather hard to find a female celebrity who hasn’t done anything concerning her appearance. Here is Madonna, the Queen of Pop.

After her recent photos on Instagram, many rushed to claim that her beauty and charm were gone and she literally lost her mind.

She is believed to have undergone plastic surgeries and a number of beauty procedures in pursuit of an ideal appearance and perfect parameters.

Perhaps, for the sake of her young boyfriend she attempts to stop aging and does everything to achieve «timeless» beauty and attractiveness.

«It couldn’t have been worse!», «No one was ready for this!»,. «She looks like a protagonist of a horror movie!», «I hardly recognized her», «My youth idol is not the same anymore!».

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