«A doll adorned with diamonds and haute couture»: The recent appearance of Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter raised questions

Beyonce and her husband Jay Z were criticized for spoiling their little daughter

It should be mentioned that Beyonce and Jay Z have been married since 2008 and the admirable couple has had three adorable children: Rumi, Sera and Blue Ivy. Recently, their eldest child has celebrated her 9th birthday.

It stands to reason that the parents of Blue Ivy are always treating her and providing with everything necessary and not so. Many rushed to call her «a spoiled» child whom her parents didn’t raise properly.

For example, in the celebration of last Christmas, she was gifted a doll adorned with diamonds. Though she is still 9, Blue already has outfits from haute couture. Can you imagine?

This is what their «prematurely grown-up» daughter looks like today. Do you think her parents are doing the right thing?

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