«A 9000-year-old skeleton was named after her!»: These fascinating facts about actress Roberts will pique your interest

Here are 10 facts about the «Pretty Woman» star that most of you don’t know yet

When speaking about the brightest, the most outstanding and most influential Hollywood figures, the name of the «Pretty Woman» star first crosses our mind. Though she is a world-renowned actress, there are things about her that most of us might not know.

1.She was born and raised in an «artistic» family since her parents were actors and disseminated in her love for cinema. She definitely inherited their talent, brilliant skills and charisma.

2.Among her ancestors English, Scottish, German, Welsh and Swedish roots can be found.

3.Before ultimately deciding to pursue an acting career, Roberts dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and later took a great interest in journalism in college years.

4.Being ranked in various lists and surveys, Roberts took the 50th place of the most beautiful and attractive celebrities according to People Magazine and is widely believed to be among the best one hundred movie stars.

5.In fact, she was the first to be offered to play in «Batman & Robin». However, she declined that offer and U. Thurman starred in it instead of her.

6.One hack from Roberts – she lies on her back so that her facial muscles relax and that she can apply makeup in a better way.

7.Few know that she was engaged to her co-star K. Sutherland. They met on the set of «The Comedians». Yet, their union didn’t last long and they broke up days before their wedding.

8.She was the richest movie star of all time for her role in «Erin Brockovich» earning 20 million dollars. Before her, it was J. Carry who held the title.

9.However surprising it might seem, her brother is also an actor who has once been nominated for an Academy Award.

10. An ancient skeleton found in the territory of Bulgaria was named after her due to its perfectly maintained teeth.

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