«Without all her tattoos and piercings»: This non-standard girl with tattoos, tunnels and piercings has entirely changed her image

The new photos of Christina Ray without tattoos and piercings were a big surprise

Here is Ch. Ray who gained overall fame and popularity due to her extraordinary appearance. The non-standard girl has gone to talk shows many times and talked about her incredible transformation. She has tunnels, piercings and tattoos.

For a relatively long time, she didn’t post any photos, videos and disappeared from the talk shows. As it was figured out, Ray decided to entirely change her image and remove all her tattoos and piercings. The result astonished absolutely everyone.

The whole thing is that as the plastic surgery service has become quite accessible for many, she could no longer surprise with her non-standard appearance. So, she has returned to her former appearance and now looks more feminine and charming.

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